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Lars Vilhelm Hofman-Bang built a summer home in Mellbystrand at the cove of Laholm in the county of Halland, Sweden in 1919. The total area of the property was 15,239 sqm located at Kustvägen, the main road. The house was one of the first to be built in this new summer resort and stood for many years all alone on the heath. Later, in the 1950's and 1960's Mellbystrand grew and soon became a well-known and appreciated holiday spot - mostly for people coming from either Gothenburg or Stockholm. The journey from Stockholm to Mellbstrand took almost 12 hours in the 1960's. However, Mellbystrand has never reached the same attractiveness as Båstad and Torekov which both are located nearby. The families of Lars, Tore and Erik Hofman-Bang shared the house until 1960 after which Lars took it over. In 1966, the commune of Laholm suddenly advised they wanted to make the property into a swimmingpool-centre for the benefit of the inhabitants of Mellbystrand. Therefore, they called upon a law which made it possible to buy the property by force. The commune completed the transaction on 30 August 1966 at a price of SEK 175,000. However, the plans for a swimmingpool centre never were put into action. Instead, the house was left to detoriate. Finally, in 1977, the house was demolished after an almost endless debate in the commune and the local press. The area was cut up and lots sold to the public. Very soon thereafter a number of houses were built. The only thing reminding people of the Hofman-Bang era is a road-sign next to the former property - it reads "Hofmanbangs väg"  - spelled in error. Many times over the years the sign has been taken down by members of the Hofman-Bang family but has soon appeared again - always in-correctly spelled. 

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