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to the Hofman-Bang  Family website! The purpose of this site is to document the history and events of the Hofman-Bang family, its members and other connected families. 
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Recent updates


09-NOV-2018:  Anna Bernett (Hofman-Bang) gives birth to a boy named Bill
11-NOV-2017: Hanna Hofman-Bang gives birth to a girl called Greta
18-FEB-2017:  Anne Dillner gives birth to a girl
31-MAR-2016: Linda and Joakim Högfeldt have changed surnames to Hofman-Bang
22-OCT-2015: A second daughter is born to Erik and Ally Hofman-Bang
16-AUG-2014: A daughter is born to Erik Hofman-Bang and Anna Kamp
08-AUG-2014: Anne Dillner (daughter of Barbro Hofman-Bang) gives birth to a son
20-MAR-2014: This site has a new URL:  www.hofman-bang.net
20-MAR-2014: Hanna Hofman-Bang gives birth to a son in Stockholm
02-JUL-2013:  Twins are born to David Hofman-Bang and Anna Bernett on June 5, 2013
29-JUL-2012:  Julian Erik Hesselbom
28-DEC-2011: Updates to Estates section thanks to Flemming Vestmark
08-OCT-2011: Swedish Family Re-union in Stockholm

09-AUG-2011: A new family member is born to Ester and Anders M. Hofman-Bang

18-JUN-2011:  The christening of Lily Catarina Ingrid Hofman-Bang

15-FEB-2011:  Updates to the children of Barbro Hofman-Bang

11-FEB-2011:  Updates to the children of Ove Mallingpictures of Ove Malling and Christiane Beck
21-JAN-2011:  A daughter (Lily Ingrid Catarina) is born to Erik Hofman-Bang and Ally Lachmann
15-JAN-2011:  Information on Langholt estate added

02-DEC-2010: This site has a new URL:  www.hofman-bang.org

29-OCT-2010: Fra stamhus till stiftelse - a new book on Hofmangave by Johannes Wendt-Larsen
24-SEP-2010:  Links updated- www.annahofmanbang.se added
26-AUG-2010: Saylor Ayres White was born 20-AUG-2010
19-JUN-2010:  The Paul Hofman-Bang Jamaican Gleaner files
26-MAR-2010: Danish Male Branch updated with correct information
25-MAR-2010: Pictures from Hofmansgave in the summer of 1963 added thanks to H. Benedy
15-MAR-2010: A son was born to Oscar Frykholm and Anna Hesselbom on 29-JAN-2010
29-JAN-2010:  Laila Benedy, daughter of Ellen Hofman-Bang died in Stockholm this morning

19-JAN-2010:  Information on Carl Hofman-Bang and family updated

19-NOV-2009: Parents of Kirstine Nielsine Nielsen (wife of T.B Hofman-Bang) added
08-NOV-2009: Tombstone of Paul Hofman-Bang (1881-1931) found on Jamaica
02-NOV-2009: Updates made to tables of Thomas Hofman-Bang and Dorthe Hofman-Bang
30-OCT-2009: Picture of Ove Hofman-Bang and Jakob Gunnar Hofman-Bang added
30-OCT-2009: New picture of Ove Malling added thanks to Steen Vedel
29-OCT-2009: Pictures of estates Jensgaard, Ristrup and Bidstrup added
27-OCT-2009: Newly found picture of Claus Bang added thanks to Lis Schülein
19-OCT-2009: Story of the Andersson sisters
11-OCT-2009: Several pictures added related to Lars Vilhelm Hofman-Bang
07-OCT-2009: Picture of Hans Andersson, father of Alma Hofman-Bang (born Andersson) added
06-OCT-2009: Picture of Peder Lasson added
03-OCT-2009: Pictures of Lars Vilhelm Hofman-Bang in 1946 added
02-OCT-2009: Profile on Niels Erik Hofman-Bang (1803-1886) updated
28-SEP-2009:  Picture of Lars Hofman-Bang at Carlssons Skola in Stockholm, ca. 1920
27-SEP-2009:  Annelise Hoffmann died 31-JUL-2009, age 88, in Sylt, Germany
21-SEP-2009:  Andreas Nicki Lindgren born 16-APR-2009
13-SEP-2009:  Job title of Peter Hofman-Bang updated
13-SEP-2009:  Jesper Hofman-Bang has a new baby girl - Solveig
11-SEP-2009:  Picture of Niels Hofman (Bang) added courtesy of Sylvia Moghadam
11-SEP-2009:  Picture of Rene Valdemar Hofman-Bang added courtesy of Sylvia Moghadam
11-SEP-2009:  Picture of Jacob Aal Hofman-Bang added courtesy of Sylvia Moghadam

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