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Ref. Note Name Place of birth Comments Profile Date Born Date Died
1. Father Peder (Peter) Pedersen Malling Viborg Mayor in Viborg and owner of Mallinggaard (formerly Skanderborg Östre Ladegaard)   . XX-APR-1712 12-APR-1779
Buried Vor Frue, Copenhagen
0. Married ca. 1743 to: Charlotte Hylleborg Storm Hornslet Daughter of rural dean Rasmus Pedersen Storm . XX-MAY-1727 XX-XXX-1801
1.1. 1. child Erik Christian Malling . Died as a baby . 25-OCT-1744 XX-XXX-1744
1.2 2. child Iver Christian Malling . .

Secretary to Prince Fredrik (later Fredrik VI).  Married 02-NOV-1787 to Louise Henriette Hersleb (1759-1831). No children

XX-XXX-1745 28-NOV-1806
1.3. 3. child Ove
. . . 10-DEC-1747 17-NOV-1829
0. 4. child Rasmus Malling . . . XX-XXX-1749 12-SEP-1781
0. 5 child Dorthe Marie Malling . . . XX-XXX-1753 31-JAN-1820
0. 6. child Sophie Helene Malling . . . XX-XXX-1759 10-APR-1829
0. 7. child Peder Pedersen
. . . 10-JUL-1762 16-APR-1824

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