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Story Jensgaard

DSC02828.JPGJensgaard (Jensgård) is a very old manor. It is first mentioned ca. year 1300 when it was called Inæs, in 1477 the name was Ensgard and then in 1546, Ensgaard and from 1664 called Jensgaard. The manor is located ca. 10 km north of Juelsminde in Glud county, district of Bjerre in Juelsminde municipality. The main building was built in 1753. The total area of the estate is 306 hectar. Jensgaard was owned by Matthias Fog for 30 years. He married Karen Marie Hofman who took over the manor after his death in 1740. It then went to her son Thöger Matthiasen Hofman Fogh who sold it to the Glud family in 1748.


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